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See individuals responses to Census as well

I'm interested in how people's responses to the art survey are correlated with their responses to the Census, but don't know where to get that data. Help?

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    My apologies for the belated response. Owing to the temporary shutdown of the federal government, we have been unable to monitor or respond to the discussions posted here until recently.

    I'd encourage you to review Chapter 7 of the User's Guide (http://arts.gov/publications/additional-materials-related-to-2012-sppa) for more information about how to merge the SPPA with the March 2012 Annual Social and Economic (ASEC) Supplement.

    You can also use the basic labor force items that are part of the SPPA data file to explore correlations between SPPA items and other labor force items at the individual-level. These are the only circumstances in which we expect anyone to be able to explore individual-level correlations.

    We are open to creative uses of the SPPA at other levels of analysis, though we caution applicants to be mindful of potential analytical problems related to the ecological fallacy.

    Thank you for your interest!


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